"People get angry at Glass. They get angry at you for wearing Glass. They just call you an asshole."


Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Wired's Mat Honan talks about his experience with wearing Google Glass for a year. Apparently, although he was wearing the future on his face, people called him an asshole -- including other tech nerds -- because "Glass is socially awkward. Again and again, I made people very uncomfortable. That made me very uncomfortable."

On the bright side, if you're okay with being insulted for being the über-nerd, it sounds like Google Glass is pretty damn awesome:

Whatever you may think of Glass and those who wear it, it’s a completely unique experience. Even that itty-bitty display, which fills your vision, is like nothing I’d seen before.

You could install some apps on it from the get go, and more over time. But I never found the first batch of third-party apps particularly useful. Twitter was just too much; it was too noisy for something that was, literally, in my face. The New York Times breaking news alerts were okay. But mostly the third party apps were just noise.

Google’s native apps, on the other hand, were pretty great. I loved Glass for (very basic) rapid-fire email replies. The navigation stuff was aces. And the Google Now for your face is incredible — its ambient location awareness, combined with previous Google searches, means extremely relevant notifications come to your attention in a way they just can’t on a smartphone, unless you wear your smartphone on your face. If you want to know what Glass is really, really good at, it’s Google Now for your face.

You are so going to love Google Now for your face.



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