Icons of the Web: 5 Gigapixel Favicon Map


Thu, Dec 19th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Nmap Project has released the 2013 version of the Icons of the Web project, a collection of the favicons of the top 1 million websites and placed them in a giant collage, with size determining its popularity. Sadly, con.ca is nowhere to be found as we're in the 1.6 million range.

We scaled the icons in proportion to each site's monthly reach (popularity) and placed them in a giant collage. The smallest icons—for sites visited by only 0.00004% of the Internet population each month—are 256 pixels square (16x16). The largest icon (Google) is 394 million pixels. The whole collage is 5 gigapixels.

[...] Since your web browser would likely choke on a 5 gigapixel image, we've created the interactive viewer below. It's divided into 813,200 small files which are only loaded as needed based on your location and zoom level. Click and drag to pan and use the mouse wheel (or toolbar) to zoom. For mouse wheel zoom, you may need to interact with the viewer first (e.g. drag something). A new feature this year allows you to hover your mouse over an icon to see the site name. You can also click on icons to visit the actual sites, but be careful with that! Even even sites with cute icons (like the cartoon Hamster) can be pornographic or worse. We have also added a fullscreen viewing option.



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