You Can Now Get a Master Degree in Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Sat, Dec 14th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Christian Science Monitor, with the expectation of a "booming market for drone operators that's expected to develop after more unmanned aircraft become legal to fly in U.S. airspace," aviation schools are "gearing up to teach students how to fly drones."

Many students who grew up wanting to be commercial airline pilots are changing their major to unmanned systems. Among them are self-proclaimed computer geeks who don't mind staying in one place.

"Airplanes are cool and fun and all that stuff," said Logan Lass, a student at North Dakota. "But it's my particular personality that I don't really want to fly big jets. Growing up around computers and having a love for aviation, I figured the best option was to combine the two of them."

Over the last decade, it's gotten much tougher to get a job as an airline pilot. Many pilots started out at smaller regional airlines, but pay there is poor, and airlines are shifting away from smaller planes. Meanwhile, growth has been minimal at major U.S. airlines, cutting the number of new jobs for pilots, and bankruptcies have reduced pay.

Compare that to the outlook for drones. The Federal Aviation Administration projects some 7,500 commercial drones could be aloft within five years of getting widespread access to American airspace.



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