Drop-kicker: Providing a Healthy Dose of Pessimism on Kickstarter Projects


Wed, Dec 11th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Drop-kicker blog provides a very amusing "dose of pessimism" on the questionable "technical claims of Kickstarter and other crowd-funded projects." While the authors don't "rip on every crowd-funded project we run into," they like to "ask the questions that an experienced engineer or skeptical venture capitalist may ask when considering the feasibility of the claims made by a project."

I particularly liked this editorial, aptly titled Kickstarter project creators like to quote people who summarize their words:

[...] Movies, music, electronics, and books all cost money to access, so smart consumers turn to product reviews to gather information before they whip out their wallets. Savvy producers even show off good reviews as a way to build credibility for their product. You can’t watch a car advertisement without hearing something about J.D. Power and Associates or Consumer Reports, and the back cover of just about every best seller is littered with quotes from various critics.

So what happens when you’re selling a product that doesn’t exist yet? Nobody can buy the product to review it, and you can’t even send out pre-release units to journalists. What do you advertise? As it turns out, the solution is often to just quote people who summarize your words.

There are a ton of Kickstarter project pages that are littered with quotes from various journalists.



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