Jolla: From Finland, Beautiful Smartphone on a Completely Open Platform #JollaLoveDay


Fri, Nov 29th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Jolla is a beautiful Finnish-designed smartphone that incorporates all the bells and whistles you'd expect from some of the bigger players; however, the phones are unlocked, there is no pre-loaded apps you're forever stuck with and its Sailfish OS is able to run apps from the Android system. Here's a review. And here is another.

Visualise this: you take your device out of your pocket and then double tap on the screen with your thumb to activate it. Then, without moving the place your thumb is at you just swipe down a little bit and feel the device vibrate three times as the selection passes over the pull down menu options. Even without looking at the device you know when the third option (camera) is selected. Then you simply lift your thumb and the camera opens. Then you point at something, move your thumb slightly down and then touch to take the picture. Then you might want to look at the picture you just took? Just swipe left and the picture is visible in full screen. Pinch to zoom. When you are done and you e.g. want to look at the clock, just swipe left starting from the edge of the screen and you get to see the main view with time, battery status, open apps overview etc. Maybe in the middle of that you decide you still have time to capture some more photos. Instead of swiping all the way to the end, you reverse direction in the middle and return back to the camera. All this with very smooth animations and responsive feeling.



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