Structure Sensor: 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices


Mon, Nov 25th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Structure Sensor is a Kinect-like device that, when strapped to a mobile device, allows for 3D scanning, mapping and a variety of application, including games. The device is still in the developing stages but it wouldn't surprise me if in a few years such a feature will come standard with most smartphones.

The Structure Sensor is the world?s first 3D sensor for mobile devices. It gives mobile devices anew sense — the ability to not just capture the world as two-dimensional images, but to actuallyunderstand it in three dimensions.

This enables a completely new set of mobile applications, including:
· 3D mapping of indoor spaces for instant measurements and virtual redecoration.
· Augmented reality (AR) games where virtual objects interact precisely with the geometryof the physical world, including occlusions.
· 3D object scanning for 3D content creation with no knowledge of CAD required.
· Body scanning for fitness tracking and virtual clothes fitting.
· Virtual reality games using 3D environments imported from the real world.

Unlike previous 3D sensors, which were designed to connect to game consoles and computers,the Structure Sensor has been designed from the ground up to go mobile: compact dimensions,mobile-optimized range, no external power source required for operation, and a precisionbracket that lets it quickly and securely attach to an Apple iPad with Lightning connector.



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