The "SSL Added and Removed Here! :)" Shirt


Sun, Nov 24th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Phillip Kast and his officemate Choong created what I would call the "SSL Added and Removed Here! :)" NSA shirt (details about what it means here). And all profits from the sales were evenly split between the ACLU and EFF. You can still buy the shirt here but its days are counted, so hurry.


· 142 shirts were sold
· For $20/each
· Teespring adjusts its cost per shirt based upon the number that must be ordered before the shirts will be printed. We set 25 shirts as the threshold, which translated to them charging about $10.18/shirt.
· That's about $9.82/shirt in profit, or $1,394.09 in total.
· You've got to get the money out of Teespring somehow in order to do anything with it. I chose PayPal since it's much faster than being mailed a paper check and then (without telling me ahead of time) PayPal charged $40.73 to make the transfer.
· So after fees, proceeds were $1,353.36.


I split the amount evenly between the ACLU Foundation and the EFF, donating $676.68 to each. That felt great! Thanks to everyone that bought a shirt!



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