This is What Failure is Like


Wed, Nov 20th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the Priceonomics website, a look at the rise and fall of David Raether, "a former comedy writer for the sitcom Roseanne who later became homeless." The story, which will punch you repeatedly in the stomach with no remorse, is adapted from his memoir, Tell Me Something, She Said. It will leave you wondering what you would do in his shoes.

Gradually, however, I adjusted. I accepted that I was not going to have a career anytime soon, but I did need a job. I was not going to own a house, but I did need to find a place to live. I couldn?t cook or afford restaurants, but I did need to eat.

After the first few disorienting weeks of homelessness, I got myself up off the canvas and begin to bob and weave and shake my head. I sniffed the ammonia capsule of reality and realized that I was in the biggest battle of my life.

During the nearly 18 months I spent homeless off and on, and during the ensuing years, I learned that I am more resourceful than I ever imagined, less respectable than I ever figured, and, ultimately, braver and more resilient than I ever dreamed. An important tool in my return to life has been Craigslist. It was through Craigslist that I found odd jobs -- gigs, they often are called -- doing everything from ghost-writing a memoir for a retired Caltech professor who had aphasia to web content writing jobs to actual real jobs with actual real startups.



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