Obama's Secrecy Tent


Wed, Nov 13th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The New York Times has this interesting article on President Obama's security tent. The tent, which has "opaque sides and noise-making devices inside," is set up inside the room of whichever hotel he will be staying at, and allows him to "shield himself from secret video cameras and listening devices."

Spokesmen for the State Department, the C.I.A. and the National Security Council declined to provide details on the measures the government takes to protect officials overseas. But more than a dozen current and former government officials, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, described in interviews some of those measures.

They range from instructing officials traveling overseas to assume every utterance and move is under surveillance and requiring them to scrub their cellphones for listening devices after they have visited government offices, to equipping the president’s limousine, which always travels with him, to keep private conversations private. Mr. Obama carries a specially encrypted BlackBerry; one member of his cabinet was told he could not take his iPad on an overseas trip because it was not considered a secure device.

Countermeasures are taken on American soil as well. When cabinet secretaries and top national security officials take up their new jobs, the government retrofits their homes with special secure rooms for top-secret conversations and computer use.



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