Make Your Own Batch of Gin With This Kit


Thu, Nov 7th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Homemade Gin Kit lets you create small batches of gin at home using no fancy or expensive equipment and while remaining within the realms of legality.

Most people don't realize that it is possible to make a small batch of gin at home without costly (and illegal) distilling equipment. In order to make your own gin, you need to purchase The HomeMade Gin Kit and an affordable bottle of vodka (not included). Then follow the enclosed instructions -- transforming the vodka into homemade gin with a rich blend of juniper berries followed by an array of carefully selected and hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers and aromatics.

You will be stunned with the finished product. Users of The HomeMade Gin Kit have reported that their small batches rival the mass produced, store bought gin brands in aromatics, flavor and complexity. We spent years identifying the perfect recipe of botanicals and can't wait for you to make your own two bottles of HomeMade Gin. Enjoy them both yourself, or give one as a unique gift!



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