Born-to-Die: Electronic Devices Designed to 'Self-Destruct' in Contact With Water


Sun, Oct 27th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Guardian reports on new electronic devices developed by the Pentagon through Darpa, which "could lead to huge medical advances." The devices are designed self-destruct once their task has been accomplished.

Imagine recovering from an operation without fear of a post-op infection from a drug-resistant super-bug. Imagine that this is because of a tiny electronic device left behind when they sewed you back up, which monitors the wound, picks up signs of infection, administers a specific amount of heat to the right area and then, job done, disappears into your bodily fluids.

Imagine, too, an oil spill clean-up being monitored by 100,000 sensors dropped from a plane that would dissolve into the water when it was all over. Or a no-longer-loved smartphone that could actually dissolve down the sink rather than clog up your desk drawer.

Then imagine what the military could do with these so-called born-to-die devices. How about electronic eyes and ears that couldbe deployed for black ops in a war zone and then be triggered to dissolve when their mission was over or when they were about to be discovered?



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