Canada's Silent Commercial Jet


Wed, Oct 23rd, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On Canadian Business, a report on Bombardier's $4-billion gamble on a super quiet commercial jet. The jet works, barely making a noise, but the orders are only trickling in.

Thousands of hours of flight testing for both the 110-passenger CS100 and the larger, 135-passenger CS300 are still needed to prove their mettle. But it all starts with first flight, and when the moment finally arrived at least one promise was made manifest: as FTV1 lifted off, those in attendance, standing a mere 150 metres away, could barely hear it make a sound. It was a stark contrast to the clearly audible Global5000 jet that had taken off minutes before, and it was that silence that caused their hearts to skip a beat.

FTV1 flew for two and a half hours that morning, reaching heights of 12,500 feet. When it landed, just as quietly as it had taken off, the magnitude of the event began to sink in. Hachey compared it to the day in 1987 when the Airbus A320 made its maiden flight. Others compared it to more recent first flights like the Dreamliner and the A380 megaplane. “Only Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier have undertaken a project of this size in the last 10 years, and we won’t see any of them do it again for at least another decade,” says McGill business professor Karl Moore, who was also in attendance. “This is Canada at its best, playing in the big leagues.”



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