Silvercar: Staffless Car Rental That Only Offers Silver Audi A4s


Mon, Oct 14th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

On Daily Breeze, a look at an interesting new approach to car rental by company Silvercar: there is no staff, you rent your car using your smartphone and they only have one model, a silver Audi A4.

“Mobile plus travel is a beautiful combination,” Schneider said. “To get into a Silvercar, you literally scan the car with your phone. That’s how the doors unlock and you jump in.”

The company’s entire fleet consists of silver Audi 4s, an entry level luxury car made in Germany that starts at around $35,000. Los Angeles, which Schneider called the second-largest car rental market in the world, is Silvercar’s fifth U.S. location. The first one was Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which opened in January.

Like its much larger competitors, Silvercar will have an off-airport location, about a mile from the terminals, Schneider said. But unlike its competitors, which use buses, Silvercar will shuttle its customers to the facility using a chauffeured Audi A4. It is charging $89 a day on weekdays and $59 on weekends, and cars are equipped with Internet, SiriusXM satellite radio and a GPS navigation system.



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