Women Rarely Commit Murder, But When They Do, It's Far More Creative Than Men


Fri, Oct 11th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the German magazine Spiegel, an interview with doctor of psychiatry, psychotherapeutic medicine and neurology Sigrun Rossmanith. According to Frau Rossmanith, while women rarely commit murder, when they do, they are far more creative about it.

Rossmanith: They are certainly more creative than men. More inventive. Take the revenge incident that I describe in the book: An unfaithful wife from Asia passionately kisses her partner -- and in doing so slips a cyanide capsule into his mouth, which he is forced to swallow. She combines an act of love with the murder. Would a man come up with such an idea?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Hard to say. Are women perhaps more creative with murder because they lack the physical strength for more heavy-handed violence?

Rossmanith: Naturally, they must compensate for a lack of physical strength. Often they render their victims defenseless in order to actually carry out the act. A frequently used tool is incidentally the knife, a distinctly European trait compared with the United States, where firearms are predominantly used. Naturally, one must also say that women rather rarely become killers. Men kill something like ten times more frequently than women.



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