iKettle: WiFi-Enabled, Smartphone Controlled Kettle


Thu, Oct 10th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Able to connect to your local WiFi and controllable from your smartphone, the iKettle is truly British. Boil your water to the temperature desired for the appropriate blend at your disposal. Now we just need one of these that makes espresso.

Stumbled in the front door from work exhausted? Nervy half-time ad break during the World Cup final? Slaving away on a late night project and can't waste a second? Whatever the urgent hot-drink scenario, a simple one-touch setup allows you to instantly control the iKettle from anywhere in the house with your smart-phone.

The Wake mode gently rouses you from your deep slumber: Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No. Is there any better wake-up call? Squint open half an eye, hit 'Yes' then drift back off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that in the kitchen your iKettle is boiling, ready to deliver your morning rocket fuel. Once boiled it'll ask if you're ready or if you'd prefer to keep it warm for a while. Who needs a butler!?



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