Netflix Should Just Buy AMC


Sat, Sep 14th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Fascinating point of view from Jason Evanish, on how Netflix should just buy out AMC. He has a series of interesting reasons, and this one is particularly good:

4) Netflix needs more content and AMC knows how to make it.

Netflix knows the value of letting artists follow their vision, as they spent over $100 million on their first show, House of Cards. Their model ditches the pilot and wait and see approach of television to instead trust artists to tell a full story in a complete season from the start. When this works it will be widely praised, but a series of misses would get costly fast.

AMC has shown they can make hit after hit. That is the kind of talent that Netflix needs to continue to grow their content arm. The AMC team that has discovered multiple unexpected projects could help see the story behind the analytics Netflix is so known for. Would their analytics predict these as hits:

- A 60s and 70s era period piece about alcoholics and philanderers at an ad agency.
- A graphic novel about zombies (ok maybe, that one they could see)
- A cancer-ridden high school chemistry teacher turns into Scarface. (no way)

Taking the eye for talent at AMC and augmenting it with the analytics of Netflix could create a content powerhouse.



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