"BuzzFeed, a bunch of photo stealing, copyright infringing, scapegoating, miserable, tight, fucks."


Wed, Sep 11th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the very amusing Rev Dan Catt blog, the mother of all soapbox rants. Turns out that the oddly popular website BuzzFeed likes to use other people's images for their content, without their permission and without -- at the very least -- giving proper credit where credit is due. You really need to read this: it's hilarious and really puts the quality content that BuzzFeed puts on display in its place.

My photo is titled “Parent Hacks: The Juice Box Flaps” and goes on to say “Neat trick to prevent them from squirting juice all over themselves when trying to pick it up, which is what happens if they grab the box itself.” although you wouldn’t see that if you clicked the link from BuzzFeed.

See what they’ve done is transform it from a handy hack about how to get a child to pick up a juice box so they don’t squirt the juice out, to a handy tip about how to get a child to hold a juice box so they don’t spill the juice.

I know right, the transformation has created something utterly new, well done the geniuses at BuzzFeed for bringing something new to table.

Hey BuzzFeed, have you tried maybe producing an album called “18 Tracks That Got To Number 1 On The Billboard Charts in 2013″ without licensing the actual music yet? Why not give that a go, let me know how it works out for you.

And just for the record, the above image is a crop of Dan's screenshot of BuzzFeed original entry using his image.



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