Epic Browser: Chrome-Based Browser With Your Privacy in Mind


Sat, Sep 7th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Based on Chrome, the Epic Browser removes any kind of feature that could allow tracking companies to figure out who you are. Currently only available for Windows and Mac, the browser is being developed by Hidden Reflex.

About the Epic Privacy Browser: What We Believe The Epic Privacy Browser is the first-ever web browser built on chromium designed to protect users' privacy. Epic's purpose is to provide as much privacy as possible in a web browser without "breaking the internet" or making the browser unusably slow. We believe that your searches and browsing should always be private.

We further believe that you should not have to trust us with your data -- rather we should not have access to your data to the maximum extent possible. The way our Epic Browser and EpicSearch.me search engine together works by design protects your search queries from us being able to identify you to your query. Autofill in the Epic Privacy Browser is done via a database built into the Epic Privacy Browser on your system so it never sends what you type in the address bar to any server. Epic moreover never records your history except for tab forward/back, so that after a tab is closed, there is no record on your system of having visited that particular webpage (that site may have stored cookies to log you in which are deleted upon closing Epic).

The Epic Privacy Browser is a product from Hidden Reflex, a software product company founded by Alok Bhardwaj and based in Washington DC and Bangalore, India. Our investors include the Washington Post Company.



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