Diogene: Completely Self-Sustaining Tiny House by Renzo Piano


Thu, Sep 5th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The beautiful Visuall brings to attention this miniature house by architect Renzo Piano. Despite its size, the house is not only completely self-sustaining, but comfortable enough for a person to live in.

Although the appearance of Diogene creates the impression of a very simple house, it is literally packed with modern engineering systems that allow it to go without local urban infrastructure and to be placed almost anywhere. Everything that Diogene needs for functioning it gets literally from the sky: solar panels provide the house with electricity; rainwater is collected and filtered in special tanks under the house, and, when required, heated by a boiler on the roof. The selection of materials and triple glazing insure insulation, which allows efficient use of natural ventilation.

The authors of the project suggest using Diogene as a weekend house, studiolo or a small office; it allows its owner to escape from everyday rush and find peace and solitude. A group of such houses can be also used as an informal hotel or guest house. Diogene currently exists only as a test prototype and the decision of its further development and series production will be made later based on the reaction of the audience.



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