Bigshot: Cranked-Powered Build-It-Yourself Digital Camera


Tue, Sep 3rd, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Bigshot digital camera is designed to be a perfect learning tool: put it together yourself, learn all about the various components that make it and it comes equipped with a spinning set of lenses for taking regular, panoramas and 3D photos. The best part is that if it runs out of power, it comes equipped with a hand-crank to charge it up.

The enormous appeal of the camera can be used to turn it into a compelling tool for learning. We believe that a camera designed for education must have three features. First, it should be designed as a kit for assembly -- putting the kit together should expose the user to a wide range of science concepts. Second, it should include features that cannot be found in other cameras, allowing the user to explore new creative dimensions. Finally, it should be low-cost, making it accessible to the less privileged. Bigshot has been designed with these goals in mind. There is another important feature that sets Bigshot apart from virtually all educational kits -- once you have built it, it is a fully functioning digital camera that you can use everyday!



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