The Audionauts Helmet


Sun, Sep 1st, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The idea behind the Audionauts helmet by industrial designer Mike Kim was to "grab attention to advertise the DIGIFI cause and then to deprive then overload the senses to prove a point:High quality audio can take you anywhere." The unusual helmet, matched up with the orange jumpsuit definitely caught my attention.

DIGIFI is a high-fidelity audio symposium targeting 20 to 30 year olds, meant to revitalize interest and celebrate the future of spacial audio in home, vehicles, and at events. Those who attend DIGIFI and agree with its cause are called Audionauts. Audionauts are explorers of the mental deep-space who are on a life-long quest in search of a particular feeling they once knew. Each and every song that makes an impression on us also records a moment or vibe in our lives that was of a particular way. May it be meeting her for the first time, watching a beautiful movie you wish you could be a part of, or an incredible, live, performance you wished you?d gone to. The reason why we go back to these songs is so that we can feel within us that very same excitement we did or could have when the memory was recorded in the first place. The better the sound, the more vivid the memory thus begins the epic search for higher fidelity audio.



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