We're All Going to Die: Humans Heading Towards Extinction


Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Vice's Nathan Curry, evidence shows that we have "tripped several irrevocable, nonlinear, positive feedback loops -- permafrost is melting, arctic ice is falling into the sea" -- causing the planet to head towards a state that will become uninhabitable by humans.

The link between rapid climate change and human extinction is basically this: the planet becomes uninhabitable by humans if the average temperature goes up by 4° to 6°C. That doesn't sound like a lot because we're used to the temperature changing 15°C overnight, but even a 2° to 3°C average increase would give us temperatures that would regularly surpass 40°C (104°F) in North America and Europe, and soar even higher near the equator. Human bodies start to break down after six hours at a wet-bulb (100 percent humidity) temperature of 35°C (95°F). This makes the 2003 heat wave in Europe that killed over 70,000 people seem like not a very big deal.

Factoring in the increase we're already seeing in heat waves, droughts, wildfires, massive storms, food and water shortages, deforestation, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise some are seeing the writing on the wall:

We're all gonna die!

If you want to freak yourself the fuck out, spend a few hours trying to refute the mounting evidence of our impending doom compiled by the man who gave the Near Term Extinction movement its name: Guy McPherson, who runs a blog called Nature Bats Last. McPherson is a professor emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona who left his cushy tenured academic career and now lives in a straw house on a sustainable commune in rural New Mexico in an attempt to "walk away from empire." There are a lot of interviews and videos available of Dr. McPherson talking about NTE if you want to boost your pessimism about the future to suicidal/ruin-any-dinner-party levels.



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