Using YouTube as a Personal Trainer


Wed, Aug 14th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On apartment therapy a fascinating article by Gregory Han that looks at using YouTube as his own personal trainer -- and losing 25 pounds in the process.

[...] I turned to the seemingly endless archive of exercise vloggers over at YouYube for instruction, supposedly one amongst the legions, as recently noted by the New York Times' Jane Fonda Tapes? Not for a YouTube Generation.

From short 30 second clips showing just one exercise, to full 30 minute multi-exercise routines, YouTube proved to be an excellent online guide for introducing many of the basic moves which have in time, repetition after repetition, become second nature. It was also from the YouTube comments section ? admittedly a minefield of bickering between fitness fanatics dotted with a few glowing gems of information ? where another beginner directed me over to an iPad-optimized fitness app.

If YouTube is where I gained initial insight about the basics of using a kettlebell, the FitnessClass app is where I put the newfound knowledge into practice. And for a couple months, I rotated between a selection of three (purchased) workout classes chosen from an archive of over 370 workout videos, doing one of them religiously every day becoming more and more confident using my small set of handled weights.

At first the "Half Hour of Power" would have been more accurately described as "Ten Minutes to a Dizzied State of Everything Hurts and I Really Need a Nap". I had to actually purchase a more modest weight to complete the full workout, ego humbled quickly and so glad I was doing this all from the privacy of my own home.



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