Fad in Japan: People Posting Phone Number, Bank Account and Other Personal Information on Twitter


Wed, Aug 14th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

A strange new fad has started in Japan, where people will post their "real, actual, no-lie phone numbers on Twitter." And while this may be perceived as welcoming abuse from the online community, the goal is to "simply to allow anyone to contact their fellow netizens easily and directly."

Obviously, this sort of bold move isn't for everyone, and Kazuma Ieiri himself insists that if it makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn?t do it. Another point of concern is that once your number is "out in the wild," as it were, you have pretty much no chance of getting it back. Even if you remove it from your Twitter account, it will likely still remain in a Google search cache -- or in the address books of anyone who snagged it.

Still, there aren't any horrible experiences to report yet. One Twitter user even tweeted a message thanking Kazuma Ieiri, ecstatic that she was able to connect with another user. While chatting on the phone, she learned that the other person lived in the same area and was overwhelmed by their conversation. The Twitter user even ended the message by asking Kazuma Ieiri to be the MC at her wedding if she got married.



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