Turning the Apollo Landing Site into a National Historical Park


Thu, Jul 11th, 2013 13:55 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Hill, two House Democrats have proposed that the site on the moon where the Apollo missions landed between 1969 and 1972 be turned into a national historical park. Reportedly, "these sites need to be protected because of the anticipated increase in commercial moon landings in the future."

The measure would allow the government to accept donations from companies and foreign governments to help manage the landing sites and "provide visitor services and administrative facilities within reasonable proximity to the Historical Park."

After one year, Interior and NASA would have to reach an agreement on how to manage the site, including how to monitor it, managing access to the sites and cataloguing the items in the park.

The government would also have to submit the Apollo 11 lunar landing site to the United Nations for designation as a World Heritage site.



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