"Politics": a Dirty Word for Canadians


Tue, Jul 9th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Misty Harris at the Calgary Herald, 60% of Canadians do not discuss politics with each other because "politics is viewed as a dirty word.

"Politics is viewed as a dirty word -- something that isn't appropriate or that should be celebrated," said Alison Loat, Samara's executive director. "But it's through politics that we decide how we're going to live together, how we shape laws, how we allocate billions of dollars of tax money. . . . It's the process by which we build our country every day."

Samara, a charitable organization, commissioned the research last year in order to tilt the conversation about low voter turnout toward the underlying issue of poor political engagement between elections.

And the low political engagement is no wonder when Canadian politics are smeared in constant scandal. As a solution to this, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall wants to abolish the Senate.

The premier has said abolition would be difficult, but he's come to believe that reforming the Senate is impossible.

"For a long time, many Saskatchewan people, myself included, wanted to see meaningful reform to create Senate that is elected, effective and equal," Wall said Monday.

"It is now painfully clear that's never going to happen, and we continue to have a Senate that is unelected, unaccountable and unnecessary, and that costs Canadian taxpayers nearly a hundred million dollars a year."



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