During Ramadan, Islamic Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay Only Force Fed at Night


Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Showing a sense of cultural sensitivity in American military prisons, Muslims on hunger strike imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay will only be force-fed at night so as to not "interfere with religious observance of Ramadan."

The feeding of detainees, via neogastric tube, will be carried out by the facility "before dusk and after sunset in order to accommodate their religious practices", they said, "absent any unforeseen emergency or operational issues".

Colonel Greg Julian, director of public affairs for US southern command, said: "We do not force-feed observant Muslims during daylight hours during Ramadan. These policies have been in place for years, and are consistent with our mission to safely detain while supporting the religious practices of those in US custody. If told to do differently, we will do so."

Government lawyers said that enteral or force feeding is authorised by federal regulations when a prisoner's life or permanent health is in danger, and is related to "preserving order security and discipline within the detention facility", according to court documents in the case.



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