Mount Everest Is So Crowded, You Have to Line Up to Reach the Top


Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Atlantic Wire, reaching the top of Mount Everest is no longer an adventure set aside for the bravest of our society, but one that is now so popular, "some are seriously considering installing a ladder on the famed Hillary Step to ease congestion."

"We were forced to move at exactly the same speed as everyone else, regardless of strength or ability. In the swirling darkness before midnight, I gazed up at the string of lights, climbers’ headlamps, rising into the black sky. Above me were more than a hundred slow-moving climbers. In one rocky section at least 20 people were attached to a single ratty rope anchored by a single badly bent picket pounded into the ice. If the picket popped, the rope or carabiner would instantly snap from the weight of two dozen falling climbers, and they would all cartwheel down the face to their death.

Panuru, the lead Sherpa of our team, and I unclipped from the lines, swerved out into open ice, and began soloing—for experienced mountaineers, a safer option. Twenty minutes later, another corpse. Still attached to the line of ropes, he was sitting in the snow, frozen solid as stone, his face black, his eyes wide open."



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