The End of the Discounted Wireless Provider in Canada


Mon, Apr 29th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Thanks to the Canadian government "failure to follow its own rules" and always leaning on the side of the Bell/Rogers/Telus telecommunication oligarchy, all three of Canada's discount mobile providers — Wind, Public Mobile and Mobilicity — gave up trying to have business here and are currently up for sale, putting an end to Canadian's dream for a “fair and competitive wireless industry."

The strength of those three companies’ iron grip on Canada’s wireless industry is so great that Wind, Public, and Mobilicity all recently withdrew from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, citing a “long-standing, mounting frustration with the CWTA?s consistent bias in favour of Rogers, Bell and Telus on a wide variety of issues.”

“When we were first approached by the CWTA, we were promised clear and fair representation on issues of true industry alignment,” said Simon Lockie, Chief Regulatory Officer for Wind. “But despite making our objections and concerns abundantly clear on numerous occasions, the CWTA has repeatedly failed to honour this promise, leaving us no alternative but to withdraw.”

“It has been evident for quite some time that, rather than being a true industry association which represents the views of all players regardless of size, the CWTA has instead largely been an advocate for Rogers, Telus and Bell, and often directly contrary to the interests of new entrant wireless carriers,” added Bob Boron, General Counsel and Senior Vice-President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs for Public Mobile.



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