Kite Aerial Photography: Using a Kite to Take Photos from Above


Mon, Apr 29th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The mind-blowing photo you see is above from the insanely talented Flickr user Pierre Lesage. Pierre is demonstrating the use of Kite Aerial Photography, which as the name implies, is to use a kite with a camera mounted underneath it to take photos. Some incredibly spectacular results.

Although it is not quite as simple as attaching your camera to a kite and hoisting it skywards, Kite Aerial Photography (we will call it KAP from here) has quite a history. The first KAP pictures were taken in France in 1888 and the idea took off. They may only have dreamed of this amazing picture of Mont St Michel (appropriately again in France), above, but their pioneering work paved the way for the amazing set of images you can see here. George Lawrence, one of the early pioneers, was able to take a picture of San Francisco after the earthquake which destroyed a large part of it in 1906.



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