Custom Electric Guitars Shaped Like Star Wars Starships


Wed, Apr 17th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Fascinating article on The Sun about Tom Bingham, a 64-year-old who builds completely unusual and entirely custom electric guitars. Among some of his most incredible pieces, an electric guitar in the style of a Millennium Falcon.

Music-mad Tom Bingham is rocking out of this world with his incredible collection of STAR WARS-themed guitars. Creative Tom, 64, has built themed instruments for 10 years including an electric guitar in the style of a Millennium Falcon and the Jedi Anakin Fighter. The retired printer scours car boot sales and scrap yards to find metal and wood to use for his guitars - which take up to three months each to build. His collection of around 20 instruments also include guitars in the shape of a cricket bat, a record player and even the Large Hadron Collider.



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