How Google Glass Will Change the Porn Industry


Fri, Apr 12th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Marshall Honorof at TechNews Daily, Google Glass may have an unintended side-effect that "the porn industry intends to take full advantage of."

Porn producers may also take advantage of Glass by filming female POV movies, which, at present, barely constitute a genre at all. Martinez envisions a new world of possibilities, especially when it comes to lesbian productions. "I think it's a really untapped market," she said. Martinez explained that it's difficult to film woman-on-woman POV scenes with existing technology, because there are places that a cumbersome camera can't go.

Glass could offer some exciting new opportunities for viewers. "I was a big 'Choose Your Own Adventure' fan when I was a kid," said Evans, who envisions the same kind of interactivity in Glass pornography. Thanks to DVD menus and discrete chapters, this kind of production already exists, but not in a truly immersive way. "It's one thing to stare at your TV and make a choice, but to have a headset on and think you're inside the scene? It's going to change [porn's] direction."



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