Disney Shuts Down LucasArts


Thu, Apr 4th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, Disney, which had recently bought LucasArts, has suddenly cancelled all on-going projects and laid off the staff of the iconic development house.

Staff were informed of the shutdown this morning, according to a reliable Kotaku source. Some 150 people were laid off, and both of the studio’s current projects — Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313 — were cancelled. Disney will still use the LucasArts name to license games, but the studio is no more.

Publicly, Disney is saying their current games could be licensed out to a different publisher or developer, but according to our source, that's unlikely. Our source says Lucas has pursued the option for “one or both games,” but nothing happened. “With the teams now basically being dispersed I think both games are effectively dead forever,” our source said.



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