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Mon, Jun 16th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty NEWS

Date sent: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 00:57:53 -0400From: Carl MaTo: CoN Editorial Subject: Re: Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine II.23

On Sun, 8 Jun 1997, Leo N. wrote:

expression. An expression which he called art. If it had not been forhim, I would've been probably kicked out of the school (nice try Ms.O'Brien, you still have a fat ass).


How come I am getting 2 copies of CoN?! Did you subscribe me twice?

Oh Man, You didn't call Ms O'Brien fat ass, did you?! If you did, I really think you deserved to be kicked out of st pats!!! How could you do that? She is such a nice person!!!

Later guy. Shame on you.


--[ Editor's Response ]--

Hello Carl Ma.

Ms. O'Brien still remains the lesbo-nazi-bitch we all learned to love in our drama class. I'm surprised she wasn't at the reunion, unless she finally went through with that operation in Casablanca, and I didn't recognize her because of the beard. Do you know if she has an internet e-mail address? Perhaps I should subscribe her to CoN.

As for the two copies of CoN, some people call it spamming, I call it fucking things up. My fault, my apologies to all those that realized that in their mailbox they got two copies instead of one.

Best, Leandro+



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