Puchi Puchi: the Never Ending Bubble Wrap iPhone Case


Tue, Mar 19th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The puchi puchi, literally meaning the sound of a bubble popping, is an iPhone 5 case that emulates bubble wrap. Reportedly, the bottom layer of the case is made of a type of pseudo-bubble-wrap that can be pressed endlessly. Judging by the video above, orgasmic bliss can be achieved in just a few, easy pops.

Of course, not everyone enjoys bubble wrap quite as much as the young man in this promotional video for the product. Although it?s great to see someone getting so much pleasure out of a simple iPhone case, we can honestly say that we?d rather not have to sit opposite him on a train while he?s playing with it.

The case is made up of four layers, including a soft and squidgy bubble layer, underlying push buttons, and a ?sound layer? that emits that tiny ?pop? each time you sadistically take the life of a helpless bubble. You monster.



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