"Dunkin' Donuts plans to go green by committing to purchasing all of its palm oil from sustainable sources."


Sun, Mar 17th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to NPR, Dunkin' Donuts is planning on doing its part in preventing climate change by ensuring that it is using only 100 percent sustainable palm oil in making its donuts.

The change is the result of a campaign by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who oversees the state's public pension fund. He's also a critic of palm oil, which is often used for frying donuts. It's harvested mainly in Asia, and its production has caused serious deforestation in Malaysia and especially in Indonesia, as tropical forests are chopped down to make room for oil palm plantations.

"The destruction of those rainforests in that area is going to have an impact on the climate issue," DiNapoli says.

Cutting down trees displaces wildlife, and it also releases the carbon stored in trunks and soils — a problem made worse in Indonesia and Malaysia, where plantations are often set up on carbon-rich peatland. Over time, the carbon in that exposed peat escapes into the atmosphere. All of that has sent greenhouse gas emissions soaring in Indonesia, the world's leading supplier of palm oil.

And speaking of greasy food, you will be pleased to know that the very company that owns Pabst Blue Ribbon beer will be bringing back the Twinkie. That's right: if you love and have missed the questionable snack, thank a hipster.



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