"I am fortunate to have a job that I love, for which I am willing to spend roughly fifteen hours a week as a prisoner of my car."


Fri, Mar 15th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Amusing and somewhat disturinb article by Rebecca Davis O'Brien on her megacommute, a nightmarishly long fifty-five-mile commute, in a 2007 Accord (which she calls Jane Honda) that takes her anywhere between 70 minutes to 120. Amusingly and unsurprisingly, Rebecca knows "every pothole, casino billboard, and abandoned deer carcass between Princeton, where my husband and I live, and Passaic County, where I work."

At the outset of our relationship, back in 2011, Jane Honda and I had rules. But as we near the hundred-thousand-mile mark together, we have compromised. “No eating in the driver’s seat” was amended to “No eating embarrassing fast food in the driver’s seat.” A ban on cell-phone usage gave way to “Let me just check this text message,” which gave way to a hundred-and-eighty-dollar ticket (and the forced exchange of my hard-earned State of New York driver’s license for a New Jersey one, the ultimate indignity). To keep things spicy, Jane and I play games. We try new routes and gas stations; we parallel park with one hand. I do impressions of BBC anchors, whose takedowns of lily-livered foreign ministers can relieve even the worst morning traffic. (“But wouldn’t you agree, sir, that this kind of internecine violence is precisely what your party’s leadership pledged to avoid?”) Sometimes Jane rattles a little, for attention.



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