In Japan, the Toilet Comes to You


Fri, Mar 15th, 2013 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Costing a meagre $16.30 and powered by a total of 6 double-A batteries, the Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet takes Japan's classic squat-toilet, adds wheels to it and makes it remote control operated -- unsurprising from such a scatologically fascinated nation. Reportedly, the device is meant for fun and not for carrying your bodily waste. There go my plans of never getting out of bed.

For Westerners who are used to their toilets being a little taller, it comes of a shock to some when they enter a bathroom and look around looking for the potty only to find it ?buried? on the floor. Japanese squat toilets really are unique and are actually slowly disappearing from the bathrooms. But Tokyo?s Strapya World somehow wants it to make a comeback, this time in all its remote-controlled glory. We?re still trying to figure out what it?s actually for, other than to confuse or torture its users. But really, why would you want to do that to someone who really needs to use the toilet (other than for fun)?



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