District Skates: Beautiful, Unique, Hand-Made Skateboards


Tue, Mar 12th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The District Skates company builds skateboards entirely by hand, using a variety of beautiful recycled materials, giving you a unique finished product with a stunning vintage look. Love the philosophy behind their company:

The world is changing. For the worse.

Skateboarding was created, made popular, and refined by innovators. From Jay Adams to Rodney Mullen to Danny Way, the sport has transformed from the streets of California into a mass market empire. Along with the innovations on pavement and at parks, manufacturing has changed just as much. Early boards made with crate wood and metal wheels have evolved into plywood decks with machined trucks and polyurethane wheels.

As popular as it’s gotten, skateboarding has lost something critical. The heart and soul of the sport has turned into a turnkey-manufactured, billion dollar industry where everyone just tries to copy successful strategy. Making skateboards is now a quantity driven, overseas operation. Innovation is risky. And there’s little room for creativity when you need to keep investors and stock owners happy.

Handmade in Los Angeles

District Skates was created to break the chain. Utilizing Eco-friendly materials, reclaimed wood, American ingenuity, and true craftsmen, we custom make each deck to order. All the planing, laminating, gluing, and pressing for each board is done at our warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to continue the legacy that made skateboarding as great as it is.



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