First Child and Second Person in the World to Have Been Cured of HIV


Wed, Mar 6th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to NPR, an unnamed Mississipi child who was born with the HIV virus -- her mother had not received antiviral drugs during pregnancy as part of her prenatal care -- is now not showing any signs of having the infection when she received "the first dose of antivirals given within 31 hours of birth" by University of Mississippi pediatric infectious disease specialist Hannah Gay.

Over the months, the baby thrived, and standard tests could detect no virus in her blood, which is the normal result from antiviral treatment.

Then, her mother stopped bringing the child in for checkups.

"The baby's mom was having some life changes, that's about all I can say," Gay reports. "I saw her at 18 months, and then after that did not see her for several months. And we were unable to locate her for a while."

Gay enlisted the help of Mississippi state health authorities to track down the child. When they found her, the mother said she had stopped giving the child antiviral drugs six or seven months earlier.

At that point, Gay expected to find that the child's blood was teeming with HIV. But to her astonishment, tests couldn't find any virus.

Abbie Smith from ScienceBlog's ERV takes a moment to explain how this could be possible.

Okay, I have a 'reputation' on the internet. You hear some wonderful news via Google alerts or on the MSN homepage about some FANTASTIC breakthrough with HIV... and then you come to ERV to come crashing back to reality. So, you might have heard about the kid who 'got cured of HIV infection'...

Now, I hate to disappoint you all... but...

This is actually possible.

Of course I havent read the paper or any research associated with this particular case, but theoretically, it is possible.



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