Titanium Escape Ring


Sat, Mar 2nd, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Titanium Escape Ring is cleverly disguised little ring that provides you with all you need to get out of handcuffs and zipties.

A useful tool for covert and undercover operators, those that travel abroad in unstable countries, or anyone at risk of being held unlawfully.

The Titanium Escape Ring adds another tool to the operator's E&E options for escaping captivity.
It's a simple but elegant-looking ring made of titanium, cut from solid barstock and polished to a mirror finish.
But unlike all other rings, this one contains a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool which is completely hidden from view when worn.
Located on a finger, its always in the exact area needed to quickly access and deploy, even when handcuffed.
The shim can be used to open single-locked handcuffs, while the saw can cut zip-ties, disposable handcuffs, duct tape, rope, and other non-metallic materials.



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