30 PC Games With Goats in Them


Mon, Jun 9th, 1997 04:00 by Jester ARTICLE

1) Duke Goatem 3D

2) Goats of Might and Magic II

3) Goatcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

4) X-Wing vs. Goat

5) Sam and Max Hit the Goat

6) Gabriel Knight 2: The Goat Within

7) Leisure Suit Larry 7: Goats for Sale

8) Goat Soccer '97

9) Goatageddon

10) Darkgoat Conflict

11) Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Goats

12) Jagged Allianced: Deadly Goats

13) The 7th Goat

14) IndyGoat Racing II

15) Goatwarrior II: Mercenaries

16) Goat Raider

17) Intergoat '76

18) Monster Goat Madness

19) Goat Throttle

20) Demolition Goat II

21) Goatbender

22) Goat Control III

23) Goat Quest III: To Heir is Goatish

24) Sid Meier's Goatalization II

25) Goat Nemesis

26) A-10 Goat Killer

27) Command and Conquer: Goat Alert

28) Goatneck Rampage

29) Goatfleet Academy

30) Pong With Bouncing Goats



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