"You aren't that awesome."

Why People Shouldn't Love You For Who You Are


Sun, Feb 24th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Sean Johnson thinks the old adage that people should love you for who we are is pure nonsense. He explains his view by providing four reasons why you should want people to expect more of you.

There is a pervasive view that people need to accept other people unequivocally for who they are. To expect you to act in a way contrary to your nature or to change who you are as a person is a completely unreasonable demand.

I couldn’t disagree more, for four reasons:

1. There are aspects of your character or life that aren’t awesome.
2. You are not one person.
3. You are not immutable -- most of the traits that make up who you think you are? They’re changeable.
4. It is appropriate for people to expect things of you, to want you to be better than what you are.

You aren’t that awesome.

The human condition is one of self-delusion.



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