Storyboard: Converts Videos Into a Readable PDF Files


Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 23:59 by capnasty NEWS

Although it takes a bit of know-how to put it all together, Mark Olson has created Storyboard, a program that lets you turn videos into PDF files so you can read, yes read, your videos rather than watch them, using subtitles and frame changes as a reference point.

Storyboard was born of my insane desire to consume videos without actually having to watch them. Normally that would involve putting the TV on in the background and ignoring the video while listening to the audio, but what about the reverse? All visual without the audio. On my kindle.

Storyboard is very much a work in progress, though it does work for most files that it has been tested against. Right now it will only create PDFs, but ePUB and Mobi are just a few commits away. The source is available on Github where pull requests are gladly accepted, especially ones that deal with open issues. Even just hearing back that Storyboard did or didn't work for a certain file can be of great help.



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