Creepstream: Looking at Insecure Camera Feeds From Around the World


Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Although now taken down probably because of the media coverage received, the provided a Google-maps powered app that showed all the insecure Trendnet home security cameras. Strangers could "surreptitiously gain access to thousands of at-home IP camera feeds" allowing them to "to spy on sleeping babies, empty living rooms, office interiors, and dimly lit parking lots." Moral of the story: never ignore firmware upgrades.

Earlier this month, Network World reported that many Trendcam users were still exposing their live feeds to the public, through a Google Maps-powered web app. The site requires no password or additional software, and provides not only real-time streams, but the precise location of every camera, as well. Clicking on a given pin opens a live stream from that particular camera, allowing visitors to spy on sleeping babies, empty living rooms, office interiors, and dimly lit parking lots.

Spending just a few minutes on the site can evoke an unsettling mix of fascination, guilt, and dread. The moving images that were once isolated and divorced from context are now fixed within a geographic space, imbuing them with an extra layer of reality -- and, perhaps most important, lending a new sense of scale to Trendnet's security hole.



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