A Dark and Creepy Street Vendor Simulator

Cart Life


Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

With very retro-looking 8-bit graphics, sporting dark, depressing shades of grey, the very intense task-oriented Cart Life game will have you go through every step of the way to make it with your business -- and, judging by the video above, I'm not kidding when I say every step. The game, nominated for three IGF awards, is freely downloadable and currently only available for Windows.

Cart Life is a retail simulation for Windows which showcases the lives of street vendors in a small city which is located in the Western United States. Each of the playable characters has specific goals and special traits, but also unique addictions which the player must accommodate in order to succeed within the game. Permits are required, but expensive. Is it worth risking a fine to operate without one? The player also needs to accommodate their customers by paying attention to the different tastes, buying habits and levels of patience. Most customers will tip well when their order is filled quickly and accurately, so do your best!



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