Pizza Hut Perfume: a Perfume That Smells Like a Box of Pizza Being Opened


Fri, Dec 14th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you're short on ideas this Christmas, why not get your loved one a bottle of Pizza Hut perfume? The idea, promoted on their Facebook page, received so much feedback from their users that the company has actually produced "a limited-edition of 'Eau de Pizza Hut.'"

Reportedly, the fragrance boasts "top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough." This is, of course, brilliant as I'd much rather step into an elevator and savour the smell of fresh pizza than be punched in the face by designer scents some people tend to take a bath in.

There were dozens of cheesy suggestions, including "Eau de Pepperoni," "Devour by Pizza Hut," and "Pizzaz." The post has received more than 270 comments in all.

It was the highest user engagement the company has ever seen, so it began brainstorming what to do next.

"Somebody said, 'What if we actually made a perfume?' So we said, let's try it," D'Cruz recalled.

Pizza Hut Canada then tasked a perfume maker to create a fragrance that smelled like freshly baked bread. Some of the initial samples smelled more like cheese, others more like pepperoni, but eventually the perfect product emerged.



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