The Kingdom of Cipher: Insanely Elaborate and Beautiful Minecraft World


Tue, Dec 11th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Circleight, a Minecraft grandmaster architect, showcases this gallery for his Kingdom of Cipher, by far the most beautiful and insanely detailed environment I've seen built in Minecraft yet.

Cipher was a project that I've had in mind ever since the beginning of my adventure map, which is almost a year now I believe. Originally I never planned on making a castle or any kind of architectural building in it. The concept was that it's an ethereal higher dimensional world where you travel to and wind up in the council of the unity. The idea was to have 9 pillars with floor art representing them, which I stuck with. During creation of LastNorth I drew out a sketch of this project and I ended up falling in love with the concept and ideas that were spewing out of me.

I started the project on October 4th and was hoping to finish it at the very end of that month. Although, due to severe server issues, I lost about 70% of my progress with the project and was forced to start over the things that were lost. Despite the irritation with that, and my frustration with it is inevitable, I'm glad I had the opportunity to start anew and improve the project. There were many times that I was worried I wouldn't finish it due to this problem, though I ended up pushing in more energy towards it.

Being that there are 9 pillars, they each represent a different god or goddess of the unity. In order: Satus, Dimidium, Hora, Concordia, Xenos, Pondero, Animus, Alitheia, Desino. Each god represents a different aspect of reality and the human nature(i.e: Life, Time, Knowledge). The dragon serpent is a "soul serpent" that travels from realm to realm gathering the souls of deceased individuals.

The name 'Cipher' sort of came to me loosely. It took a while before I was decided on that name, but right away I figured I'd end up using it anyway because I myself personally like the word a lot. If you're curious as to what the word means, it essentially means nothing, or something with absolutely no value. The idea with using this name is that coming to this "higher dimensional" land, Zen(the main character) is no longer bound to the trivial ignorance and stress of the normal world. His mind is set free and his understanding is absolute. 'Nothing' being absolute and 'whole', there is not a single meandering thought in Zen's mind.



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