The Mendicant: Robert Wechsler's Cubes Made With Perfectly Arranged Pennies


Mon, Dec 10th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Mendicant is a piece by Robert Wechsler, a geometric structure made entirely out of pennies. The structures maintain their integrity thanks to little notches in each coin and some glue.

With fifty billion currently in circulation, the penny is one of humanity’s most numerous objects, but despite its commonality, it is an extraordinarily rich artifact. As a symbol of American culture, it is on par with the Statue of Liberty. It is a monument to a beloved president. It is a proclamation of a national faith and creed. It is a time stamped record of our civilization. As much ornament as legal tender, the penny is equal parts form and function. It defines elegance just as its ubiquity, low monetary value, and high symbolic value defines humility.

Mendicant is a term for one who has no possessions, is supported by the goodwill of others, and relies exclusively on charity to survive. Typically a position assumed after living a productive life and attending to all worldly concerns, a Mendicant is considered honorable. To be a Mendicant is to make a conscious choice to sacrifice conventional concerns in favor of humility, modesty and enlightenment.



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