Confessions of a Flight Attendant


Thu, Dec 6th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

An anonymous flight attendant, identifying herself solely as being single and 20-something, runs the brilliant Confessions of a Flight Attendant blog, a site where you can ask almost anything related to air travel while discovering the secrets behind the job. Above, a photo titled view from the office. Below, the answer on how to seduce a stewardess when not travelling business class.

1) Never, ever ring the call bell. Get up and ask politely for whatever it is you want at the galley once the service is complete

2) Return all food exactly how you received it. Stack nothing. The tray should be precisely how I gave it to you

3) Please do talk to us, once the service is finished and I have eaten, we will usually be in the rear galley chatting. You can strike up friendly conversation with these ice breakers
- Favorite destinations
- Next holiday destination
- Interesting things to do in the layover destination

4) Don't ask me to hang/store/put away anything, you're a man please store your own bags in the overhead, if I need to lift it you should be embarrassed (there are some exceptions obviously)

5) If you really want a date, be nice, helpful, quiet and ask us for our number on a card or something DISCREET. Take us out on the layover or back home if its our base. Be prepared for hard work, we wont give it out easily. And for gods sake, lock the toilet door when you're inside. If I walk in on you in the loo it is all over.



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